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01 February 2018Rachel Whiteread
22 February 2018Let There be Light
15 March 2018The Imperial Easter Eggs of Carl Fabergé before the Revolution
19 April 2018Basingstoke and its Contribution to World Culture
17 May 2018The Art and Culture of Fin-de-Siècle Vienna
14 June 2018The Promenade des Anglais: Artists in Nice

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Rachel Whiteread Linda Smith Thursday 01 February 2018

Rachel Whiteread is a Turner Prize winner, and one of the most important and respected British artists working today. Her preoccupation with the hidden spaces in between things has resulted in an extraordinary range of objects, which form a series of eloquent tributes to the silent and overlooked. This lecture gives an account of her career to date, showing examples of how she has used ordinary domestic objects to create enigmatic and evocative works of art. The range in scale of her works is huge: from tiny objects derived from light switches or hot-water bottles, to multi-component installations, to an entire house. This talk will also have a look at her relationship with the YBAs, the press, and the public, but is mainly concerned with introducing the audience to the unexpected beauty of her works, from the unassuming and mundane, to the truly monumental.